Mold carpenter to Kemi

Sijainti: Kemi, Kemijärvi, Rovaniemi

Maximus --- A strong employer in the construction industry since 2001 ---

Our client company is looking for professional mold carpenters for the Kemi bioproduct factory project.

When completed, Metsä Group's bioproduct plant will be the most efficient wood processing plant in the northern hemisphere. The environmentally, energy and material efficient plant operates completely without fossil fuels.


The job description of the mold carpenters we are looking for in this project includes e.g., casting of walls, foundations and baseboards. Knowledge of friction surfaces is not necessary. A brisk and proactive attitude is important. Between castings, the job description includes other work tasks of the builder / construction assistant according to his / her own competence.

Your advantage is previous experience in similar work tasks, readiness for independent work, good understanding off construction blueprints, problem-solving and concentration skills.

 We also take into account the daily allowances included in the job and the travel costs. If necessary, we also assist in housing arrangements and contribute to the cost of housing when you are working through us. 


Jobs available immediately and at the moment jobs are available until late spring 2022, maybe even later.


More information about the project you will get from our consultant Timo Mikkonen +358 50 434 3010, working days (Monday – Friday) 08.00 AM to 16.00 PM.



Applicants will be interviewed once we have received applications and the search will end once suitable persons have been found. 

Send the application via the link and tell us about your expertise. 

At the same time, let us know when you can start working in Kemi.  

We will contact you when your application arrives. 


If this task was not for you, then send us an open application. 

We will look for a more suitable job for you, fixed term or permanent. 


We offer our employees: 

  • Multiple job opportunities with a single application
  • Health services at your fingertips
  • High-quality workwear and equipment (e.g. Blåkläder)
  • Professional battery-powered tools for your use
  • Exercise benefit for Forever Club
  • Card training required at work
  • We are your employer and offer a motivating salary level
  • If necessary, help with housing arrangements
  • You can find employment through us for a fixed-term or long time


Check out Maximus here: Avoimet työpaikat - Maximus


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